Proyectos ObEDes

BREXIT & Disinformation

Discussion meeting with the Speaker of the European Parliament, Don Jaume Duch and the former Vice President of the European Parliament and current President of the ObeDes Committee of Experts, Don Ramón Luis Valcárcel at the Complutense University of Madrid.


November 2019

European Parliament & ObEDes

Cooperation for the development of training, research and dissemination activities with the main objective of highlighting the activity carried out by the European Parliament and the European Union in the management of information and disinformation from an inclusive and global vision.

November 2019

ObEDes & University

Collaboration in training, research and prevention of disinformation projects: study and analysis of the impact on public, economic, media, social, cultural and political activity, to improve democratic quality, literacy and inclusion.

October 2019

European Commission & ObEDes

Promote the exchange of experiences and cooperation in information, training and dissemination of issues related to the activity of the European Commission and the latest trends in disinformation.

February 2020

ObEDes & Communication

The strategy and policies of action of the European Union on disinformation and Fake News as the opening of the International Congress of Communication and Social Networks in Information Sciences, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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February 2020

Mc GrawHill & ObEDes

ObEDes (2020). The European Union in the face of disinformation and the Fake News. Fact Checking as a detection, prevention and analysis resource. In Sierra, J. and De Vicente, AM "Journalistic and educational communication approach to the phenomenon of social networks, 985-1002. McGrawHill :.

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March 2020