The European Observatory for the analysis and prevention of disinformation has the collaboration of different institutions and organizations of national and international character for the development of its main lines of action and projects.

National and international


Collaboration agreement with the Information Directorate of the European Parliament in Spain for the development of training, research and dissemination activities. The main objective is to highlight the activity carried out by the European Parliament and the European Union, as well as the latest trends and actions in disinformation.

Collaboration agreement with the Representation of the European Commission in Spain with the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences and cooperation in the field of information, training and dissemination of issues related to the activity of the European Commission and the latest trends in disinformation.

Educational institutions

Collaboration agreement with the Complutense University of Madrid for the development of disinformation prevention, research and training projects. The main objective is to guarantee joint work in the study and analysis of the impact that disinformation and fake news have on public, economic, media, social, cultural and political activity; finding ways to counter it to improve our democratic quality, literacy and inclusion.

Private Organizations


The European Observatory for the Analysis and Prevention of Disinformation (ObEDes) has made different agreements with private and non-profit entities for the development of different projects.